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Assignment #7 Whittman or Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

I chose Emily Dickinson, because not many women are famous poets, even in todays society.


Assignment #6 ” The Amazing Lyre Bird”

Words could not describe how amazing this bird really is. It’s really incredible to hear how this bird can mimick a chainsaw to even the human voice 0.0. An extraordinary bird and species the Lyre Bird is.

Assignmanet #4 “Self Image”

The media has manipulated the minds of Male/Female youth, to where life is not copmletly about striving to be the best in what you do but being the prettiest in the world. Through Advertisements, Commercials, and most importantly Beauty avertisements, are completly changing our outlook on self image. In Girls, this a serious problem, with the beauty requirements on how girls should ‘look.’ Boys are in the same rut as girls comparing too looks. Today, Media outlook on Self-Image is bad, because it has led to numourous cases of suicide and other tragedies.


Assignment #3 Part 2

The Puritans, when accussed, would examinate the accussed in front of the audience. Today witches are percieved as “good” witches, as stated on the popular kids show “Sabrina The Teenage Witch.” Also, we have forever changed our outlook on witches by turning them in to a publicity stunt. They are a goldmine in the entertainment industry, to get our views on the subject.


Assignment #3 The Crucible

I find it hard to believe that evryone who feels a rush of despair upon them when they look at another fellow villager. For how I reacted to the Salem witch trials, I say is unbelievably accurate. Although, it went the way I wanted it to go, there is a certain detail I struggle with and that is confessing yes. All in all I am some what satisfied with my decision but I would say Yes I am okay.


Sorting People?!?! Assignment #2

When it comes to sorting ethnicities, I am according to “Sorting People,” very raciest. This showed me that not all people are what they seem, so you never judge a book by its cover without peeking inside. It was just flat out hard.  In the way I work with figuring out peoples race, I go by their face and skin color. Yes, because of what goes on in the streets, schools and homes of America, people need to know how to configure what there races are or there will be some serious consequinces.

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